Toxocariasis is the parasitic disease caused by the larvae of two species of Toxocara roundworms: Toxocara canis from dogs and, less commonly, Toxocara cati from cats. Toxocariasis is considered one of the Neglected Parasitic Infections, a group of five parasitic diseases that have been targeted by CDC for public health action.. Images: Various stages of Toxocara canis larva hatching Toxocara seropositivity has been found to be more common in men than in women ( Selek and Baylan, 2013 ). Yazar et al. (2010) stated that the infection rate is almost twice as high in males than in females (27.8% and 13.7%, respectively). In a study by Kaplan et al. (2008), 51% of men, and 40.4% of women diagnosed with schizophrenia had were.

Toxocariasis is one of the most commonly reported zoonotic helminth infections in the world with a higher prevalence in tropical settings and in rural populations. It is caused by the larval stages of the ascarids Toxocara canis, the common roundworm of dogs, and probably also by the larval stages o Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites. Humans can catch it from handling soil or sand contaminated with infected animal faeces. Roundworm parasites are most commonly found in cats, dogs and foxes, and usually affect young children. This is because children are more likely to come into contact with contaminated soil when. Toxocariasis. Toxocariasis is the parasitic infection transmitted from animals to humans (zoonosis) caused by the larvae of two species of Toxocara roundworms (also known as nematode): Toxocara canis from dogs and, less commonly, Toxocara cati from cats

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  1. th parasite of dogs and other canids.The name is derived from the Greek word toxon, meaning bow or quiver, and the Latin word caro, meaning flesh.They live in the small intestine of the definitive host. In adult dogs, the infection is usually asymptomatic but may be characterized by diarrhea
  2. Toxocariasis is an illness of humans caused by larvae (immature worms) of either the dog roundworm (Toxocara canis), the cat roundworm (Toxocara cati) or the fox roundworm (Toxocara canis). Toxocariasis is often called visceral larva migrans (VLM). Depending on geographic location, degree of eosinophilia, eye and/or pulmonary signs, the terms ocular larva migrans (OLM), Weingarten's disease.
  3. Toxocara infection was almost completely ignored before the introduction of new serological methods, mainly because of underdiagnosis (brain biopsy was the only available standard). A possible association between epilepsy and seropositivity for T. canis has been hypothesized and toxocariasis has been suggested as a cofactor for epilepsy.
  4. Mogą także występować rozmaite wysypki, zwykle rozpoznawane jako uczuleniowe. U alergików zarażenie Toxocara bywa przyczyną nasilenia objawów alergii, np. atopowego zapalenia skóry czy astmy oskrzelowej. U dzieci bez alergii w wywiadzie mogą pojawić się objawy (wysypki, kaszel z dusznością) sugerujące takie podejrzenie

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TOXOCARA - AtmosFear. €8.99. T-SHIRT Infected By Hate. T-SHIRT Infected By Hate. €15. Track Orders. Shopping Bag. Sign In. Display prices in: EUR Toxocara-Arten sind bis zu 19 cm lange Nematoden, die weltweit gehäuft bei Fleischfressern parasitieren. Sie befallen bevorzugt den Dünndarm und führen zur sogennanten Toxocarose des Hundes, der Katze und zur Toxocariasis des Menschen . Zu den wichtigsten Vertretern gehören Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, Toxocara malaysiensis und Toxocara. Asthma is one of the most common chronic respiratory disease worldwide, with a negative impact on quality of life and socio-economic status of patients. There are some evidences to suggest that Toxocara infection is a neglected risk factor for childhood asthma. We performed a systematic review and m Toxocariasis hay còn gọi là giun đũa chó mèo là một chi giun gồm hai loại giun ký sinh ở chó và mèo. Đây là hai loại thường gặp trong cuộc sống từ nguồn lây nhiễm vật nuôi trong nhà. Tuy nhiên giun đũa chó phổ biến hơn.. Đặc điểm. Khi bị nhiễm phải người bệnh thường hay bị ngứa da tái đi tái lại, điều trị.

Os ovos de Toxocara canis, T. cati e outros helmintos ascarídeos animais amadurecem no solo e infectam cães, gatos e outros animais. Seres humanos podem acidentalmente ingerir ovos no solo contaminado com fezes de animais infectados ou podem ingerir hospedeiros transferidos infectados mal cozidos (p. ex., coelhos) Toxocara is a genus of nematodes that are cosmopolitan gastrointestinal species of both companion and feral animals that act as definitive hosts.Toxocara canis infects both domestic dogs and foxes, whereas the hosts of T. cati include the domestic cat and other felids.Widespread environmental contamination, as a consequence of eggs being shed in the host faeces, facilitates infection of. Toxocara f. A taxonomic genus within the family Toxocaridae - certain parasitic nematodes that cause toxocariasis in humans Toxocara infection is a zoonotic disease caused by Toxocara canis or Toxocara cati nematodes. Toxocara Neuroretinitis Associated with Raw Meat Consumption According to laboratory findings, hemogram, peripheral smear, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and other biochemical tests were normal, C-reactive protein was negative, serologic analyses were. Toksokaroza - groźna odzwierzęca choroba pasożytnicza wywoływana przez inwazję larw glist psich lub glist kocich (toksokar).. W Polsce skażenie gleby jajami tych pasożytów dochodzi nawet do 61,9% w badanych próbkach z niektórych miast (Kraków). Ponadto wykazano obecność form inwazyjnych w próbkach gleby w Warszawie, Lublinie, Puławach, Bytomiu i w Poznaniu

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Toxocara is a facultative anaerobe nematode and derives most of its energy from glycogen degradation. SECTION II - HAZARD IDENTIFICATION . PATHOGENICITY/TOXICITY: The dominant clinical manifestations associated with toxocariasis are classified according to the organs affected. In fact, the majority of infections are asymptomatic (16) Škrkavky rodu Toxocara jsou střevní hlístice masožravců. Dospělci žijí ve střevě definitivního hostitele, kde se živí střevním obsahem. Larvy při svém vývoji procházejí toxokaroidním typem migrace, po pozření využívají entero-hepato-pulmonálního typu, při kterém migrují ze střeva přes játra do plic, odkud jsou vykašlávány a spolknuty, nebo přecházejí. Toxocara canis är en globalt förekommande spolmask.Den utnyttjar primärt hundar som huvudvärd, men även andra arter av hunddjur kan utnyttjas. I huvudvärden genomgår den en fullständig livscykel från ägg till vuxen könsmogen mask. Andra däggdjur kan fungera som mellanvärdar. Hos mellanvärden orsakar Toxocara canis infektion men kan inte fullfölja sin livscykel, istället. Familia AscaridaeGénero: Toxocara catiAnimación Bayer Health Car

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Toxocara canis e a Toxocara cati são as espécies mais descritas na literatura pois elas infectam os seres humanos e tem como hospedeiro definitivo cães e gatos, respectivamente, ou seja, chega na fase adulta dentro desses animais, mais especificamente no lúmen do intestino delgado.A reprodução do verme ocorre principalmente em filhotes, que faz a barriga ficar inchada deixando o abdômen. Toxocaroza: definiţie. Toxocaroza este o boală parazitară cauzată de infecţia cu larve de viermi ce se găsesc de regulă în intestinul câinelui (Toxocara canis) sau al pisicii (Toxocara cati).Infecţia poate fi transmisă prin ingestia de sol contaminat cu fecalele animalelor ce conţin larve de paraziţi sau, mai rar, în special în ţările în care se consumă carne de câine sau.

A toxocaríase é uma parasitose causada pelo parasita Toxocara sp., que pode habitar o intestino delgado de gatos e cachorros e chegar no organismo humano por meio do contato com fezes contaminadas por fezes de cães e gatos infectados, podendo resultar em dor abdominal, febre ou diminuição da visão, por exemplo.. As pessoas são denominadas hospedeiros acidentais, já que habitualmente. Epidemiologie. Toxocara canis und Toxocara mystax sind bei Hunden und Katzen weltweit verbreitet. Beinahe alle Welpen sind infiziert. Als Infektionsquelle für Kinder besonders erwähnenswert sind Sandkästen. Rollstuhlfahrer sind, da sie über die Hände die Eier aufnehmen, häufiger betroffen Delta Medical Laboratories is the first private reference laboratory in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1997 by a group of prominent Saudi Consultants to provide medical laboratory services to all private and public health care sectors

Cardiac infection with Toxocara is rarely diagnosed, especially in children, and corresponding cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) has not been reported. We present a probable case, a 9-year-old girl with myopericarditis, eosinophilia, positive Toxocara serology, and CMR findings consistent with myocardial edema 1 Definition. Unter der Toxocariasis versteht man eine Infestation mit Toxocara canis oder Toxocara cati, den Spulwürmern von Hund und Katze.. 2 Epidemiologie. Toxocara cati und Toxocara canis sind auf allen Kontinenten verbreitet. Serologische Untersuchungen konnten zeigen, dass jeder zehnte Europäer Kontakt zu den Larven der Spulwürmer hatte, womit die Toxocariasis nach der Toxoplasmose. The most common egg in almost all these surveys was the egg of Toxocara spp., but there was no attempt to distinguish between the eggs of Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati. HAZARDS TO OTHER ANIMALS: Toxascaris leonina is commonly found in canids and felids. This parasite very commonly infects large cats in zoos (Abdel-Rasoul and Fowler, 1979 and. Toxocara canis is 80 - 85 micrometers in greatest dimension with a golfball pitted surface texture. T. cati is 65 - 70 micrometers and also has the golfball pitting but smaller and less distinct than T. canis. Baylisascaris procyonis is 63 - 88 micrometers and has a granular surface texture. Pores also help to differentiate the pollen grain. Toxocara is a genus of nematodes that are cosmopolitan. gastrointestinal species of both companion and feral. animals that act as definitive hosts. Toxocara canis infects. both domestic dogs and.

This is the song Atmosfear, taken from the album Atmosfear, by Toxocara. I do not own the rights; please don't sue.Lyrics : God, yu tekem han blong mi Blong. The name of cati of Schrank, who referred to the figure of Goeze, therefore has priority. The genus Toxocara was established by Stiles and Hassal (1905) and Lumbricus canis, the dog ascarid, of Werner (1782), was considered th type species. Leiper (1907) created the genus Belascaris with Ascaris mystax of Zeder (1800) as the type species. Toxocara is considered a neglected tropical infection, given the minimal level of research, funding, and publicity it receives despite carrying a significant disease burden. The role of the primary caregiver and nurse practitioner is invaluable in educating patients on preventing this parasitic infection Toxocara larvae can develop at temperatures <50°F, although efficiency decreases as the temperature decreases . In the United States, the seroprevalence of Toxocara was estimated at 13.9 percent based on data from 1988 to 1994 ; in a subsequent study based on data from 2011 to 2014, the seroprevalence was estimated to be 5 percent 7. Dunsmore JD, Thompson RC, Bates IA. Prevalence and survival of Toxocara canis eggs in the urban environment of Perth, Australia. Vet Parasitol 1984;16(3-4):303-311. 8. Uga S. Prevalence of Toxocara eggs and number of faecal deposits from dogs and cats in sandpits of public parks in Japan. J Helminthol 1993;67(1):78-82. 9

Intended use: For in vitro diagnostic use.The RIDASCREEN® Toxocara IgG test is an enzyme immunoassay for the qualitative determination of IgG antibodies against Toxocara canis in human serum.The test should be used for confirmation purposes when there is a suspected case of toxocariasis. General information: Toxocariasis is an infection caused by migration of roundworm Toxocara larvae to. The ingestion of embryonated eggs of Toxocara spp. present on the hands or in contaminated food or water is the main mode of infection. The only record of Toxocara congenital infection in humans occurred in a premature infant. Helminth infections during pregnancy may be associated with reproductive disorders

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Toxocara canis vit à l'état adulte dans l'intestin grêle de l'hôte définitif : le chiot. La femelle mesure entre 6 et 18 cm de long, le mâle entre 4 et 10 cm. Après accouplement, les femelles pondent de grandes quantités d'œufs qui seront éliminés dans les fèces du chiot et resteront très longtemps dans le sol (parfois de TOXOC : Toxocariasis is a zoonotic parasitic disease caused by the nematode, Toxocara, of which there are 2 species: Toxocara canis and Toxocaracati. Toxocara eggs are shed in the feces of infected animals and, once in the environment, become infectious within 2 to 4 weeks. Humans are accidental hosts and become infected through ingestion of dirt or contaminated material containing Toxocara eggs Toxocara was found in those sites represented by either blue triangles (unembryonated egg(s)) red stars (embryonated egg(s)). Toxocara was not found at sites marked by black circles. The highest density of Toxocara geo-contamination was found in the Bronx, which was the only borough where infected larvae were found. Sampling ArcMap of NYC. Toxocara spp. have a faecal-oral transmission route, and human infection occurs following the ingestion of Toxocara eggs from contaminated raw vegetables , from contaminated soil (in gardens, sandpits and playgrounds) and from larvae in undercooked or raw meats from paratenic hosts , and possibly through direct contact with pets [6, 7] The RxNorm semantic concepts for the RxCUI 1661997 unique identifier include: Anti-Toxocara cati antibody (7259849), Antibody to Toxocara cati (7260201), Toxocara cati antibody (7264357), Antibody to Toxocara cati (substance) (7260202) and Toxocara cati Ab (7264356).. Atom 7259849 (SY) Atom 7260201 (SY) Atom 7264357 (SY) Atom 7260202 (FN) Atom 7264356 (P

Toxocariasis is an important zoonotic disease caused by the second stage larva of Toxocara canis or Toxocara cati. The typical clinical syndromes of toxocariasis in humans are visceral and ocular. Toxocara sp. Roundworms - MONSTER HUNTER'S GUIDE TO: VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY. Comparison of canine and feline intestinal roundworms (From left to right: Baylisascaris procyonis, Toxascaris leonina, Toxocara canis, and Toxocara cati) (© Lance Wheeler, 2018 | Photographer: Lance Wheeler | Owner of Specimen: Texas A&M College of Veterinary.

Toxocara est un genre de nématodes (les nématodes sont un embranchement de vers non segmentés, recouverts d'une épaisse cuticule et menant une vie libre ou parasitaire) et de la famille des Toxocaridae.. Liste des espèces. N.B. Cette liste est probablement incomplète. Toxocara canis (Werner, 1782); Toxocara cati (Schrank, 1788); Toxocara genettae Warren, 1972. Toxocara. Country of origin: Netherlands Location: Groningen, Groningen Status: Active Formed in: 2003 Genre: Death Metal Lyrical themes: War Current label: Raw Skull Recordz Years active: 2003-2012, 2018-present . Toxocara is a form of a parasite which infects cats and dogs. Discography; Members; Reviews; Similar Artists; Related Links. En este en vivo tengo un tema de mucho interés para los dueños de mascotas ya que es un parasito que puede cantagiar a niños The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence of seroconversion of Toxocara spp. infection and related variables. We conducted a cohort study of 77 children aged 2-12 years who had negative serology in a previous cross-sectional study. Univariate and bivariate analyses were performed to describe the cohort, using socioeconomic, behavioral, and health conditions as variables

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Toxocara Assay Procedure in Luminex platform: MagPlex Immunoassay Fifty μL of working microsphere mixture (50 beads/μL in PBS/0.3% Tween-20/5% non-fat dry skim milk) and 50 μL of diluted sera (1:100 dilution in PBS/0.3% Tween-20/5% non-fat dry skim milk) were added into each well of Costar 96-well black, round-bottom plate (Fisher Scientific, Cat.# 3792) Toxocara canis is a zoonotic roundworm that infects humans and dogs all over the world. Upon infection, larvae migrate to various tissues leading to different clinical syndromes. The host-parasite interactions underlying the process of infection remain poorly understood. Here, we describe the application of a yeast two-hybrid assay to screen a human cDNA library and analyse the interactome. Larvální toxokaróza je onemocnění, které vyvolají larvy Toxocara canis (primární parazit psů) či Toxocara cati (parazit koček). Oba patří mezi Nematoda - hlístice. Parazitická vajíčka jsou vylučována ve výkalech nakažených zvířat a dozrávají v půdě. Člověk se nakazí, pokud je jeho potrava takovou půdou kontaminována nebo pokud zanedbává hygienu (např. mytí. Prevalence. Toxocara spp. are extremely common parasites of dogs and cats throughout the world.Surveys using samples collected from across the United States show that more than 30% of dogs younger than 6 months of age are shedding T. canis eggs, and some studies have shown that virtually all pups are born infected with T. canis.; The ability of Toxocara canis to be transmitted from the dam to. TOXOCARA CANIS ANTIGEN Toxocara canis antigen has been manufactured for use in the detection of antibodies against T. canis for immunoassay development or other applications. PRODUCT DETAILS - TOXOCARA CANIS ANTIGEN Toxocara canis antigen..

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Toxocara canis coproantigens in the feces of dogs with experimental and natural infections, and evidence of cross-reactivity with respective feline counterparts. A. caninum-specific coproantigens were detected in feces of experimentally infected dogs starting at 9 d post-infection (dpi), whereas eggs were not seen until 23 dpi Toxocara mystax: a common ascarid species of cats, but not reported in dogs; prenatal infection of kittens does not occur, infection being by infective eggs, which hatch in the intestine, releasing second-stage larvae, which then undergo migration through the heart, lung, trachea, mouth, and gut, as with Ascaris lumbricoides in humans. Mice,. Toxocariasis is a zoonotic parasitic disease caused by the nematode, Toxocara, of which there are 2 species: Toxocara canis and Toxocaracati. Toxocara eggs are shed in the feces of infected animals and, once in the environment, become infectious within 2 to 4 weeks. Humans are accidental hosts and become infected throug Toxocara canis та Toxocara cati є гельмінтними видами роду Toxocara, родини Toxocaridae, порядку Ascaridida, типу Nematoda. Це круглі гельмінти довжиною від 30 до 120 мм і діаметром близько 2 мм Toxocara discography (main) The Great Rebellious (2008) Toxocara discography (all) The Great Rebellious (2008) AtmosFear Toxocara. Type: Full-length Release date: October 14th, 2011 Catalog ID: twilight 784-2372 Label: Twilight Format: CD Reviews: 1 review (avg. 75%) Songs; Lineup; Other versions; Reviews; Additional notes; 1

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Toxocara canis is a zoonotic parasite of major socioeconomic importance worldwide. In humans, this nematode causes disease (toxocariasis) mainly in the under-privileged communities in developed. Toxocariasis is a zoonotic disease caused mainly by Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati and diagnosis in dogs and cats is an important tool for its control. For this reason, a new coprological loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay was developed for the simultaneous detection of these species

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Toxocara leoning tansmission/ routes of infection. 1: ingestion of infective ova L3 2: ingestion of paratenic host unsure about transmammary the larvae hang out in the lumen of the intestines and once ready emerge and live in small intestine. Toxocara leoning final host. canids and felid السهمية الكلبية أو دودة الكلب الأسطوانية (بالإنجليزية: Toxocara canis)‏ هي ديدان طفيلية موزعة في جميع أنحاء العالم تصيب الكلاب وكلبيات الأخرى. يبلغ طول الدودة البالغة من 9 إلى 18 سم ذات لون أبيض مصفر. تتواجد في أمعاء الثوي ا

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Toxocara canis (or toxocariasis in dogs) is a parasitic worm that is located in a dog's stomach and intestines.Here, this roundworm can reach considerable almost 20 centimeters in length. Female roundworms can also sometimes release a large amount of resistant eggs into this environment where the eggs can survive for years Toxocara is a zoonotic parasite, meaning that it is commonly transmitted from animals to humans. Dogs and cats can become infected withToxocara, and can transmit the infectiontohumans. Other transmission routes includeorally ingesting eggs of Toxocara from raw vegetables, undercooked meat, or contaminated soil on unwashed hands Toxocariasis (also Toxocaral larva migrans) is a parasitic infection caused by the larvae of nematodes Toxocara canis (dog roundworm) and T. cati (cat roundworm). It is more commonly transmitted from dogs to humans, because cats' fecal matter is usually limited to one place (i.e. a litterbox)

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sandboxes. An estimated 10,000 cases of Toxocara infections occur in humans in the United States each year. 3. What are the clinical signs of a Roundworm infection in humans? - Since humans are not the natural host for these roundworms, the worms will not stay in the intestines of the humans, but will instead migrate throughout the body, and en TOXOCARA Western Blot (WB) IgG is a qualitative test of serological IgG diagnosis by immunoblot assay of toxocariasis intended for confirmatory testing of a positive or equivocal result obtained through classic screening tests. It can be performed on sera, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or aqueous humor Toxocariasis (uitspraak toxocaRIasis) is een besmetting met een parasiet uit het genus Toxocara, zoals T. canis en T. cati.Dit zijn rondwormen die bij deze huisdieren (hond en kat) in de darm verblijven.. De symptomen ontstaan niet doordat de mens een worminfectie in de darm oploopt maar omdat de larven die via de mond worden opgenomen, zich in de maagwand boren en daarna door het lichaam gaan. Los humanos contraen infecciones a través de la ingestión de huevos o larvas de Toxocara. Los huevos, expulsado en las heces de animales infectados, a menudo se encuentran en el suelo alrededor.

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Ascarids (Toxocara spp.) and hookworms (Ancylostoma spp. and Uncinaria stenocephala), the common intestinal roundworms of dogs and cats, can cause larva migrans syndromes in persons who accidentally ingest eggs or larvae or have direct skin contact with hookworm larvae in soil contaminated with the feces of infected animals Al spéci dal Toxocàra cgnusùdi i èṅ al Toxocara canis, al Toxocara cati, al Toxocara genettae, al Toxocara mystax e al Toxocara vitulorum. Al fémni i pōlan rivàr a èsar lunghi quìndas cm, i masć sōl la mità a 'l incìrca Mise en garde médicale modifier - modifier le code - voir Wikidata (aide) Œufs de Toxocara canis La toxocarose encore dénommée larva migrans viscérale est l' helminthiase la plus commune aussi bien dans les pays industrialisés que dans ceux en voie de développement. C'est une zoonose vermineuse cosmopolite liée à la présence intra-tissulaire de larves d'ascaridés en attente, dont.

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Roundworms in Small Animals. Courtesy of Dr. Andrew Peregrine and Ontario Veterinary College. The large roundworms (ascaridoid nematodes) of dogs and cats are common, especially in puppies and kittens. Of the three species Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina, and Toxocara cati, the most important is T canis, not only because its larvae may. Toxocara larva migrans is the second most common helminthic infection in developed countries. Transmission is fecal-oral via the feces of infected dogs or cats. Parasites are not shed in the gastrointestinal tract, so diagnosis relies on serology or tissue examination. Diagnosi Acutely, Toxocara retinochoroiditis appears as a hazy, ill-defined white lesion with an overlying vitritis. As the inflammation resolves the lesion is seen as a distinct, well-demarcated, elevated white mass ranging from one-half to four disc diameters in size. A retinal pigment epithelium disturbance often surrounds the lesion and retinal. Toksokarozė yra zoonozė, kurią sukelia apvaliųjų kirmėlių toksokarų Toxocara canis (apvalioji šunų kirmėlė) ir rečiau Toxocara cati arba Toxocara mystax (apvalioji kačių kirmėlė) lervos. Šiam susirgimui būdinga sunki, ilgai trunkanti ir nuolat pasikarojanti eiga, pasireiškianti įvairiais klinikiniais simptomais, kuriuos.

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Definition: An anomaly in locomotory behavior (eg: increase, decrease.) Definition: Self-propelled movement of a cell or organism from one location to another. Definition: motion characterized by wave-like movement patterns that act to propel an animal forward. eg: crawling in snakes, or swimming in the lamprey Modifica dati su Wikidata · Manuale. La toxocariasi è una zoonosi e una sindrome, ampiamente diffusa nel globo, causata dalla invasione del lume intestinale dell'uomo da parte di nematodi del genere Toxocara, specialmente toxocara canis e toxocara cati (parassiti frequenti nei cani e gatti e, per vicinanza, anche dell'uomo) che, penetrati per. toxocara Intro Larval Toxocariasis is a human tissue helminthosis caused by the larval stage of a dog roundworm (Toxocara canis) and a cat roundworm (Toxocara cati)

Toxocara is een geslacht van vrij lange parasitaire rondwormen (Nematoden) die voorkomen in de darmen van een groot aantal soorten hond-en katachtigen.Mensen kunnen ook met deze wormen besmet raken en krijgen de ziekte toxocariasis.In het menselijk lichaam kunnen de wormen zich echter niet voortplanten Spożycie inwazyjnych jaj Toxocara canis (lub podobnego gatunku Toxocara cati - glista kocia) przez człowieka może skutkować toksokarozą. U człowieka pasożyt ten może wywołać objawy larwy trzewnej wędrującej, związane z bytowaniem otorbionych larw L2 w obrębie wątroby czy śledziony Toxocara Antibody by ELISA: 43225-2 * Component test codes cannot be used to order tests. The information provided here is not sufficient for interface builds; for a complete test mix, please click the sidebar link to access the Interface Map. Aliases Other names that describe the test. Synonyms トキソカラ症(英: toxocariasis, toxocarosis)とは犬回虫(Toxocara canis)や猫回虫(Toxocara cati)を原因とするヒトの寄生虫病。 ヒトは感染源からの含幼虫卵(L3幼虫まで発育している)を摂取することにより感染する。 トキソカラ症には主要な臓器に影響を与える内臓幼虫移行症と眼や視神経に影響を与える. Toxocara, en globalt förekommande inälvsparasit hos djur. Toxocara är en spolmask hos hund, räv och katt. Släktet Toxocara omfattar flera arter varav Toxocara canis och Toxocara cati, är de mest kända. Den vuxna spolmasken finns i djurets tarm där honan lägger ägg som sedan utsöndras i djurets avföring